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The effect of acute caffeine supplementation on athletic performance in young female basketball players M.S 1398/11/26
Comparing coagulatory factors following acute noise stress in trained rats with different exercise intensities Ph.D 1401/11/15
Asiye Aalimahmoudi THE EFFECT OF INGESTION OF VITAMIN D3 on functional factors of DELAYED ONEST MUSCLE SORENESS after eccentric exercise in active boys WITH VITAMIN D3 DEFICIENCY M.S 1398/06/31
zahra abasi alamdarlu Influence of partial sleep deprivation on indics of skill - related physical fitness in female athletes during morning and evening M.S 1392/07/27
seyede maryam abasi dehbraftab The effect of neuromuscular relaxation with massage and Aromatotrapy herb lavender on in dicators of delayed onset muscle delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after eccentric exercise in active female istudents . M.S 1393/06/31
Ebrahim aLIPOUR The relationship between aerobic and anaerobic power with repeated M.S 1392/06/31
Forough Andarzi Association between physical activity, body composition and appetite during menopausal transition and menopause M.S 1401/04/21
Enayatollah Asadmanesh The effect of resistance training and resveratrol supplementation on muscle regeneration in mice with cancer cachexia Ph.D 1397/07/30
Shahrzad Asghari The effects of circadian rhythm and sleep deprivation on cardiovascular factors and fatigue index M.S 1392/06/31
Najme Askari Influnece of eight weeks of zink supple mentation and exercise trainig on salivonyImmunoloubines in elit karate playors M.S 1390/07/06
mahsa atefnia The effect of high-intensity and moderate innsity training on serum levels of antimullerian hormone and body composition in women with polycystic ovary syndrome M.S 1401/06/30
Malihe Aveseh lactate and CGRP contribution to the brain regulation of endurance training-induced lipid metabolism and determination of possible involved signaling pathways Ph.D 1396/11/01
Nadia Azadi Camparing post menopausal symptoms in women with history of aerobic quatic and land-based exercise participation and its changes following cessation of sport activities M.S 1399/06/30
saeideh bahmannejad effect of 8 weeks jump roping lesson plan on some body composition and physically fitness of the fourth grade of elementary school girls M.S 1392/06/24
Mohamm Amin Bahrami The Effect of 6-weeks Respiratory Muscles and High - Intensity Aerobic interval Training on Some of the Cardiopulmonary and Physical Fitness Indices, in Patients with chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Case Study) M.S 1398/11/30
Masoomeh Bardestani The relationship between physical activity energy expenditure and eating preference in young girls M.S 1398/06/31
Ahmad reza Dehghani The effect of two weeks Time-Restricted feeding on inflammatory factors and Short-Term memory during rest and in response to an exercise session in active young boys M.S 1402/06/14
samaneh delavarijahromi The effect of placebo on delayed onset of muscle soreness indices and athletic performance in adolescent female taekwondo athletes M.S 1401/04/12
amin dorri Prediction of body mass index according to physical activity , dietary habits & anxiety level in adolescents M.S 1394/06/15
Somaye Fakhri Pay Borji Ph.D
elahe farah bakht The Effect of Acute Noise Stress on Corticosterone, IL-6 and Monocytes Levels in Trained Rats with High-Intensity Interval & Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training M.S 1400/06/31
marziyeh farzad Prediction of elite male trampolinists' performance based on the selected physical and psychological capabilities in different age categories M.S 1391/08/09
Arezu Farzaneh The Effect of eight weeks Pilates Training on diurnal salivary cortisol & DHEA-S, physical & cognitional performance in old women Ph.D 1399/06/31
Parisa Foroozan The effect of probiotic supplementation and high intensity interval training simulatneusly to a high fat diet on hormonal and behavioral indices of anxiety and depression in obese C57 mice M.S 1399/06/15
solmaz ghaderpanah Influence of a boat of aerobic swimming in pools purified by chlorine and ozone on blood antioxidants of female swimmers M.S 1390/11/01
sakine ghaedi The effects of circadian rhythm and caffeine supplementation on cardiovascular responses, perceived exertion and anaerobic indices following a buat of exercise in active girls M.S 1393/04/22
sheida ghanbari ghooshchi The Influence of Emotional Stress and Aerobic Training on BDNF in Rat Brain M.S 1390/04/07
mohammadhosein ghasemi Association between physical activity , health related physical fitness, and sleep with depressive symptoms in young male students M.S 1402/06/19
tahereh ghasempour Investigating the Influence of 12 week aerobic, resistance and combined exercises on lipid profile in type 2 diabetic obese women M.S 1393/05/28
sara hassanli Comparison of psychological stress and aerobic exercise on change of Interleukin -4 and Interferon - gamma in male rats M.S 1391/06/27
mehdi hemmat The effect of two weeks of time restricted feeding on the response of cortisol and testosterone to an exercise session in active young boys M.S 1401/01/28
rasoul heydari Relationship between some anthropometric and psychological factors with free throw in wheelchair basketball M.S 1393/06/30
reyhaneh heydari Relationship between the knowledge , perception and experiences of lifestyle (nutrition and physical activity) with obesity indicators in young women with polycystic ovary syndrome in Shiraz M.S
zeinab hooshmandi Influence of eight weeks selected exercise on nitric oxide levels in multiple sclerosis patients M.S 1390/07/03
Maryam Hoseini Comparing the menopausal symptoms and quality of life during COVID-19 situation between postmenopausal active and inactive women M.S 1400/11/15
seide leila hosseiniyan Influence of dehydration and rehydration and hyperhydration on aerobic and anaerobic powr, fatigue indexes, and oxygen pulse in sport women M.S 1390/11/11
Shiva Jahani golbar Effects of endurance exercise on the expression of GAP-43 and CAP-1 in the cerebellar tissue of male wistar diabetic induced neuropathy and non diabetic rats Ph.D 1396/11/25
mehrangiz jamshidi The effect of warm-up exercise compared to vibration on anaerobic power,agility,speed,flexibility and fatigue index in female elite volleyball players M.S 1390/07/05
alireza jarchi fard Influence of exhaustive aerobic exercise during morning and evevening on kidney injury and cardiovascular function indices in male athletes and non athletes M.S 1394/06/30
zahra javanmardi The effect of Basketball simulation exercise training on physical fitness and performance indices of female basketball players M.S 1396/12/07
Samane Jokar Investigating the relationship between physical activity indicators with anxiety and dysmenorrhea symptoms in young girls M.S 1401/11/15
ELHAM KAVOSI Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of sport activities in comparison with diet in obese women in shiraz. M.S 1397/06/27
atefeh keshavarziyan Relationship between physical activity energy expenditure and food energy intake in the third trimester of pregnancy with changes in the weight of pregnant mothers in the third trimester and the baby birth weight M.S 1400/05/02
Seyede marziyh Ketabi poo Influence of aquatic aerobic exercise on Cystatin C and some other cardiovascular risk factors in post menopausal women M.S 1390/07/06
maryam kheirdeh The effect of endurance-training with two doses of royal jelly on inflammatory function, cannabinoid receptors, and psychological function in the rat model of multiple sclerosis Ph.D 1401/11/15
Maryam Kheirmandparizi assessment of nutritional and physical activity predictors of anthropometric indices of young girls M.S 1399/06/31
Esmaeil Khoram Comparing the effect of high and low glycemic index carbohydrate on aerobic power, balance and reaction time in male adolescent athletes M.S 1394/11/05
Mina Kiani The effect of 3 kinds of energetic supplements and plyometric exercise on indices of muscular damage in young male handball players M.S 1391/07/11
Zohre Kohestane influence of 8 weeks core stability exercises of primary dysmenorrhea and some physical fitness indices in female studendts age 13-15 M.S 1395/10/05
Amene Mahmoodi Effect of 8 weeks of Pilates exercise on some fitness indicators and cardiovascular in breast cancer M.S 1395/06/28
Fatemeh Maneshi The Effect of Ramadan Fasting on Physical Fitnes and Skill Indices in Female Volleyball Players M.S 1394/07/20
khadije mehrabi The effect of neuromuscular stimulation with massage and aromatherapy herb rosemary on indices of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after eccentric exercise in active female students M.S 1393/06/31
Hassan Memari Effect of structural corrective and breathing muscle exercises on cardiorespiratory indices in children with kyphosis M.S 1394/12/18
Maryamosadat Miri The effect of swimming training on CYP19A1 and CYP17A1 gene expression in ovarian tissue of the Wistar rat induced polycystic ovary syndrome Ph.D 1397/04/23
saeed mirzaee Influence of different doses of nitrate supplementation on muscle soreness indices following one bout of eccentric exercise in Spragoudavely rats M.S 1396/06/29
maryam mirzaei khlilabadi The effect of menstrual cycle on cortisol, lipid metabolism and cognitive performance subsequent an exercise session in active girls M.S
afsane mirzaie Evaluating the effect of COVID-19 outbreak on food intake and physical activity in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus M.S 1400/06/31
Hamideh Mohebi dodeji The Effect of Probiotic Supplementation on the Level of Salivary Cortisol Hormone, Anxiety and Sportperformance in young Male Swimmers M.S 1398/02/25
seyyedaghil mohsenpour Influence of one Boat of Pyramid and Reverse Pyramid Exercise on Secretion of Cortisol and Salivary IgA in Male Body Builders M.S 1392/12/06
seyede esmat moosavi comparison of daily and exercise activities before and during pregnancy in pregancy diabetic and non diabetic women M.S 1391/12/13
Mojtaba Moradi The effect of short-term dietary restriction on athletic performance responses in active boys M.S 1401/04/22
Najmeh Moradi the relationship between physical activity and body mass index with physical and mental health indicators and quality of life in women with polycystic syndrome M.S
Hasan Moradi Effect of Cinnamon on immune responses to an exhaustive exercise session in active males M.S 1396/02/03
Fatemeh Moradpour Relationship between menopausal symptoms with physical activity and physical fitness M.S 1397/11/15
nasim mostaghim The Effects of Kinesio Tape on Some of Physical Fitness Factors in Non-Injured Athletes M.S 1390/11/23
asiyeh naghed The relationship between serum vitamin D with daily physical activity and sedentary behavior in adult women M.S 1400/06/31
Alireza Niknam The effects of plyometric training with and without additional loads on neuromuscular index and performance in male youth’s soccer player Ph.D
Zohreh Pourahmad The effect of physical activity and sedentary pattern before and during pregnancy and anxiety during pregnancy on preterm delivery M.S 1398/11/19
Ahmad Qassemian Effect of submaximal swim training and noise stress on male rat fertility Ph.D 1398/06/16
mohamadreza rabiee The effect of high intensity interval training and mediterenian diet without caloric restriction on lipid profile, inflammatory factors and body composition in overweight and obese women Ph.D 1401/11/15
Vida Rahimi The effect of ginger consumption on fat oxidation following an aerobic exercise during follicular phase in active girls M.S 1402/06/19
shamseddin rahimizadeh Influence of circadian rhythm on some of coagulant, anti coagulant and cardiorespiratory factors fluctuations after a bout of incremental exercise M.S 1389/05/01
somayeh rahmanian kushkaki Evaluation the relationship between peak oxygen pulse and inflammatory factors of cardiovascular diseases in non-athlete young girls M.S 1388/12/01
kavos rahmani torksaluye Influence of recovery in cold, hot and moderate waters on cortisol, creatine kinase levels and some of muscle fatigue indices after a bout 200 meters swimming M.S 1390/08/17
maryam rahsepar The effect of Ephedrine nasal spray on some Cardiorespiratory indices following acute exercise in young active boys. M.S
Fakhereh Raji Asadabadi The comparisionof sedentary behavior and physical activity before and during pregnancy between women with gestational diabetes and non-diabetics M.S 1398/06/23
Zeynab Ramezani The relationship between indices of physical fitness and the ability to repeated sprints in female basketball players M.S 1396/06/27
haniyeh rezaei Influence of core stability exercise and vitamin D on physical fitness indices and body image in young female MS patients M.S 1394/06/31
nafise saadat nezhad Comparison of effects of ginger and resistance training on Primary Dysmenorrhea M.S 1390/04/15
zahra saber Comparison of respiratory capacities and volumes in different menstrual phases during rest and ofter incremental exercise M.S 1389/07/01
mohammadamin safari Effect of Mizaj Type and Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on Anaerobic Power indices in Non-athletic Male Students M.S 1394/06/24
Mohammad amin Safari The Effect of Swimming Training on Morphological Changes of the Hippocampus and Memory in Young Male rats exposed to chronic stress Ph.D 1399/12/26
zahra salehpour The effect of 8 weeks of aerobic exercise training with different intensities and consumption of pentoxifylline on inflammatory and apoptotic pathways in a model of rats with endometriosis Ph.D 1402/06/22
leili salmani khanekahdani Influence of four methods of warm up on vertical jump and twenty meters dash of female physical education students in Shiraz M.S 1390/01/31
marzieh sayyad Comparing the influence of morning and evening exhaustive exercise on electrocardiogram indices in female athletes M.S 1393/12/19
hamidreza sedaghattabrizi Influence of Stretching Exercises on leg Breaststroke Swimming, Flexibility and Perceived Exertion in Male Swimmers Children M.S 1392/07/10
Atiyeh Separdar Nasab comparison of anthropometric and physiological indices of Iranian professional endurance runners at high and low levels and the relationship between these indices and athletic performance M.S 1399/06/30
Mohammad Hossein Sepehri The effect of high intensity interval training and probiotic supplementation on obesity and appetite indices in obese mice Ph.D 1399/06/31
elham shahabpoor The effect of an endurance training period on expression of mir-497 and VEGFR2 of tumor tissue in mice with breast cancer Ph.D 1397/01/29
Ensieh Shahrjooi Haghighi Relationship between cardiorespiratory endurance,physical activity, body fat percent and abdominal fat with physical and psychological symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in young female students of Shiraz university M.S 1391/06/28
alireza sharifabadi The Effect of Acute Noise Stress on Corticosterone and Testosterone in Trained Rats with High-Intensity Interval & Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training M.S 1400/11/15
sharifeh shejae Influence of one boat of plyometric exercise during morning and evening on some muscle soreness indices and perceived exertion in active girls M.S 1392/07/10
fateme shirdegham Comparison of Menarche Age and Menstrual Disorders in Athleticand NonAthletic Girls M.S 1391/12/12
roya soleimani The Effect of Eight Weeks Pilates Training on Immune indices in women with Breast Cancer M.S 1396/06/26
amin soltani Ph.D
Behdad Soltaninezhad Comparing energy cost of physical activity and energy intake during COVID-19 pandemic related detraining in male professional and amateur swimmers M.S 1400/11/15
rahman zaeimi The relationship between fitness components with repeated sprints ability (RSA) in male soccer players M.S 1391/04/26
reyhane zarbaf The effects of Aerobic training during pregnancy on BRCA1 and P53 Gene expression in breast tissue of sprague Dawley offspring Ph.D 1396/11/25
Madeneh Zarei the acute effect of high intensity interval resistance training and traditional training on lipolysis factors in overweight girls M.S 1397/11/17
The effect of aerobic exercise and cross-fit on body composition and Lipid profile of overweight womens. M.S 1400/06/23
The effect of eight weeks of high-intensity interval swimming training on some biochemical factors and liver enzymes in male rats with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Ph.D
Astudy of the effects of principles’ demographic characteristics on their selection of conflict management styles in shiraz highschools M.S 1387/07/03
neda abdolah zadeh the effect carbohydrate supplement and pure water on anti-inflammatory cytokine, Lactate dehydrogenase and glocuse in male elite soccer players after a soccer match M.S 1392/06/27
fatemeh afshoon The effect of thyme supplementation on functional symptoms of delayed onset of muscle soreness following a session of resistance exercises in inactive men M.S 1400/11/20
Najme Agheli Effect of 10 weeks of high intensity aerobic exercise on blood pressure and lipid profile in adult women with hypertension M.S 1398/06/12
hanieh ahmadi Effect of type physical Activity on weight loos and leptin of Non-Athlete girls M.S 1390/07/06
Fatemeh Ahmadi The effect of exercise with different intensity on Changes of cytokine pattern (Th1/Th2) and leukocyte in soccer player M.S 1393/04/24
Sanaz Ajam The effect of acute l-carnitine supplementation on the rate of perceived exertion, recovery heart rate, and 4-km time trailtest performance in trained male cyclist M.S 1397/06/31
maryam akvan Bibliometric study of books published in the field of women's sports in iran and world from 1972 to 2012. M.S 1392/07/06
seyed ali akbar alavi Influence of short duration state in pollutant condition on physical fitness, respiratory volumes and some blood factors in fire fighters M.S 1389/12/01
hamid alizadeh The Effect of Fish oil Supplement with Intense aerobic Exercises Training on Some Inflammatory Indexs in Mice M.S 1389/12/01
zahra ameri rad gheysari The Effect of Chronic Curcumin Supplementaion on the Rate of Percevied Exertion, Recovery Heart Rate, Visual Analogue Scale and Rast Test in Male Crossfitter M.S 1399/06/31
zeinab aminilari The effect of aerobic exercise during 12 weeks on Apelin, Omentin serum changes and insulin resistance in fat women with diabetes type 2 M.S 1393/02/21
maryam amirazodi Interactive Effects of Swimming High Intensity Interval Training and Resveratrol Supplementation on Selected Factors in Mitochondrial Function in Hippocampus of Aged Rats Ph.D 1397/11/24
maryam amirazodi The effect of 8-week of low indensity aerobic exercise on vasoactive intestinal polypeptide(VIP) in the plasma of non-athletic and Cardiovascularly sick and haelty wemen M.S 1391/07/11
ALIZADEH AMIR The Effects of NO Supplementation on Basal NO (Nitrite and Nitrate), Aerobic Indices and Some Cardiovascular Indices in Male Athletes M.S 1395/06/27
mojde ashrafzadeafshar Simultaneous effect of PAP and caffeine consumption on aerobic capacity of endurance runners M.S 1401/06/28
Mohammad Mehdi Azizi Effects of Acute Caffeine Consumption on Physiological Factors and Performance of male young Soccer Players in Shiraz M.S 1400/06/23
parvin barzideh The effect of eight weeks of moderate and high intensity exercise training on obestatin and cholecystokinin hormones, in male obese spragudawly rats. M.S 1390/07/05
behzad bazgir The comparison of circulating IL-15 and CRP response to ECC and CON resistance training in athlete and non athlete M.S 1389/06/01
bahador cham comparison of anthropometric & physiological charachteristic in high and medium karate athletes M.S 1390/07/05
khadijh dashti Influence of plyometric training and omega3 supplementation on Interlukine6, CD4, and creatine kinase in young female volleyball players M.S 1391/07/10
faegheh dehghani poor Comparison of the effects of two different methods of training(continous and discontinuous) on cardiovascular risk factors in non-athlete, middle-Age female M.S 1392/03/13
shirin dehghanpisheh The effect of 8 weeks aerobic exercise on serum visfatin and TNF-? levels in young non-athletic women M.S 1391/11/18
Zeynab Dezhabad The effect of four weeks of physical activity based games on fitness indicators in obeisty and overweight children M.S 1398/06/31
narges faramarziyan The effect of six weeks of high-intensity interval training with Q10 supplementation on TGFBeta/smad pathway changes in elderly diabetic rats. Ph.D 1402/06/20
ghasem farhadi Effect of zinc supplementation on the number of white blood cells in young taekwondo player M.S 1392/11/02
azam farmani The effect of cross consumption of caffeine gum and consecutive mouth rinsing with espresso coffee on aerobic performance and explosive power of table tennis players M.S 1402/06/12
mohsen fatemi moghadam influence of nviromental temprature and exhavstive exerciseon plasma level of hsp in male athletes M.S 1390/07/04
abolfazl fijan The effect of a practical nutrition education course on nutritional knowledge, attitude, eating habits, body composition and biochemical parameters in competitive adolescent soccer players Ph.D 1400/11/15
zohre foolad The effect of the type of exercise on the amount of fat of different parts of non-athletes women`s body M.S 1390/07/03
Hajar Ghaedi The effect of quinoa supplementation on antioxidant indices of Active men M.S
shakiba ghany dehkordy Effect of 8 week rhythmic training on resting levels of chemerin and lipid profile in middle aged non-athletic female. M.S 1391/12/09
Fatemeh Ghenaatpishehsanani The acute effect of caffeine consumption on maximal and submaximal strength performance of resistance trained female in different phases of the menstrual cycle M.S
Leila Ghodrat The effect of two different types of concurrent training on expression of inflammation and muscle atrophy related micro RNAs, insulin resistance and body composition in women with type 2 diabetes Ph.D 1399/06/26
Omid Ghorbani lahmian The effect of continuous and high intensity interval training on effective factors on beta cell function in obese men Ph.D 1399/06/25
Omid Ghorbani lahmian comparing the effect of one plyometric exercise on sand , grass and wood surfaces on delayed-onset muscle soreness of young athletes M.S 1391/11/09
azad golbahar The effect of Environmenteal Tempretur and exercise to the point of exhation on the levels of crp plasma male athletes M.S 1390/07/04
nastaran hajitehrani The Effect 4 weeks of Isometric Handgrip Constraction(IHG), on Prepheral Resistance and blood pressure in women with hypertension M.S 1393/06/30
Yaghoob Hashemi The effect of nitrate supplementation on a delayed onset muscle soreness indices following a bout of circuit resistance exercise M.S 1397/06/31
leila hassanzadeh Investigating Socio-Cultural Factors Related to Women's Sport Activities ( The case study:20-65 years old women in Shiraz city) M.S 1390/05/24
ehsan hemati ardali The Effect of Altitude and Exercise on blood and Respiratory Markers in Novice Athletes M.S 1392/12/20
Nazi Hemati Effects of 12-week exercise training on serum level of IL-35 and TNF alpha in Kidney Transplant Recepients M.S 1395/06/29
Sarah Hojjati Effect of Selected Exercise activity and Soy Milk Supplement on Sprague- Dawley Rats Before and after ovariectomy M.S 1389/06/01
mohammad reza hosseini the effect of giving a period of vitamin E and C supplementation on muscle Oxidative stress indicators of Football players after an official match. M.S 1392/12/20
Zeinab Jahan The effect of B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate free acid supplementation on testosterone and cortisol response following resistance exercise in male non-athletes M.S 1398/11/30
fatemeh jamshidi ardekani Comparison of insulin and epinephrine response in active females to two high intensity interval exercise during recovery M.S 1396/12/15
Farideh Kaikhosravi Interactive Effect Of 8 Week High Intensity Interval Training With Genistein Supplementation Consumption On Some Factors Affecting Bone Metabolism In Aged Sprague-Dawley Femal Rats Ph.D 1399/10/03
khadije kardar The Effect of Ingestion of Ginger before and after Exercise on Biochemical and Functional Factors of Delayed onset Muscle Soreness after Eccentric Exercise M.S 1389/09/01
Sohrab Kazemi Effects of Exercise training on interleukin 4, 6 and 31 in kidney transplant patients M.S 1395/06/29
Zahra Keshavarzi The effect of 12 week endurance exercise on fibroblast growth factor23, angiotensin - converting enzyme and ventricular wall thickness in old female hypertensive patients M.S 1393/06/26
Mohammad javad Keshavarz The Effect of single use Chicory drink on Endurance performance, heart rate and Rating of perceived exertion (RPE) of hot mizag athletes. M.S 1398/10/15
najmeh khalegh babaki The Effect of eight weeks of high intensity interval training(HIIT) and probiotic supplementation on liver enzymes in obese mice C57 BL/6 M.S 1398/05/06
Arash Khorshidian Determining the Predictive Parameters of male athletes performance in CrossFit games Open M.S 1399/05/06
marziyeh kiyani boroujeni The effect eccentric Exercise in land and water on the HSP70 and liver enzyme on female athletes M.S 1390/07/05
Mina Mardani The effect of 8 weeks of high-intensity interval Aqua training on lipid profile in obese male rats with none-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) from spragodavoli race M.S 1400/10/27
zohreh masodi Effect of short term upper and lower resistance traning on blood pressure, myocardial oxygen cost and perceived blood pressure in active girls M.S 1401/06/29
AHMAD MEHREZ Investigating nutritional status and the effects of short and long term diet modification and BCAA consumption on fatigue and skill indices following competition in tennis players Ph.D 1400/11/30
rahmatallah mirbalooch The Effect of one session Exhaustive exercise on Hepcidin, Iron, Feritin and Hemoglobin of female Athletes M.S 1391/07/10
Rohallah Mohamadi The effect of how to perform resistance training on blood pressure, the cost of myocardial oxygen and the rate of pressure perception in overweight men M.S 1399/06/30
Fahimeh Mohammadi Comparison of the effects exercises intensity 50%, 70% and 90% of heart rate reserve (HRR) on coincidence anticipation timing implementation. M.S 1393/05/29
ali mohammad sadeghi poure the effect of carbohydrate supplementation compared pure water consumption on pre-inflammatory cytokine in elite male soccer players after a soccer match M.S 1390/04/14
mahshid mohazzab The effect of 4 weeks of isometric handgrip exercise on flow mediated dilation and blood pressure in individuals medicated for hypertension M.S 1393/06/30
sara mohseni fard The comparison of cyclists' performance in four kilometers test according to physiological indices M.S 1390/07/06
saeed moradi The effect eight weeks of intense aerobic activity on plasma levels of omentin and chemerin in female mice spragudawley M.S 1392/07/08
Pooyan Moradpour The effect of intermittent and continuous exercise with vitamin E supplement on the serum level of P53 in male Sprague-dawley rats M.S 1395/10/26
samira morovat The effect of six weeks of high-intensity interval training with coenzyme Q10 suplemention on PGC1? levels in the brain hippocampus of elderly Wistar rats. M.S 1401/11/15
samane morshedi Anthropometric, and Physical Fitness characteristics Of Iranian elite team-handball player and compare with world elit player M.S 1390/11/09
habib nozohouri Prediction of elite male gymnasts’ performance based on self-efficacy, mental skills, and selected anthropometric characteristics M.S 1390/12/14
zahra omidikotahi The effect of virtual education of physical education course on Weight control of primary school students in Shiraz (during Corona pandemic) M.S 1401/11/15
mohsen omidi The effect of 8 weeks concurrent training on miR-132, BDNF and cognitive function in diabetic mice Ph.D 1400/11/15
somayeh pooranfar the effect of a bout of physical training selected on interleukin 23 and17 and body composition of kidney transplants M.S 1392/07/09
zohair rabi,ee the comparision of aerobic and resistance training on cadiovascular and urinary risk factors in type 2 diabetic patients M.S 1391/06/26
Mohamad Rezapourmoghadam Assessing effects of four weeks of Tensho Kata exercise on biochemical factors and cognitive abilities of senior patients with type 2 diabetes M.S
saeedeh rezazadeh The effect of Pilates training on depression, sleep quality and performance limitations due to back and pelvic pain in pregnant women M.S 1399/11/20
farshid rigifard Long –term effects of aerobic activity with different intensity levels (Vaspin)in mice Aspragodavly M.S 1392/07/10
Aida Roshan The Effects Of Resistance training and Whey isolate on antioxidant defense in sedentary women M.S 1395/12/10
Hamid Reza Sadeghipour Effect of 4 week endurance Training and otostegia persica extract on PGC-1a mRNA fat tissue, serum beta trophin concentrations and beta cells function in diabetic rats Ph.D 1396/11/01
Mohammad reza Sadeh The effect of eight weeks aerobic excercise on balanced function and physiological cost index in the patients with multiple sclerosis in yazd M.S 1394/06/29
eslam SAFIZADEH Comparsion of T3, T4, TSH, Cortisol Hormones fluctuations between swimming and Running Collegiate athletes in one bout of competitive exercise M.S 1389/12/01
Mohammad Reza Sayar Khorasani Comparing the effects of 30 minutes of Exergaming with brisk walking in physiological and psychological measures of older adults M.S 1398/04/01
leila seifi The effect of selected exercise during 12 weeks on Visfatin, Chemerin serum changes in fat women with diabetes type 2 M.S 1393/06/18
Maryam Shabani koke The effect of high intensity interval and continues training on PRDM16 and PPAR? contains in subcutaneous fat tissue of overweight type 2 diabetic male sprague-dawely rats Ph.D 1397/06/25
Mohammadjavad Shafahi The Effect of ten weeks of selected physical training on lipid profile of kidney transplant patients M.S 1392/07/09
shirin shahi The effect of 12 weeks of Pilates exercise on muscle strength, flexibility, balance and body fat percentage in non-athlete women M.S 1393/06/18
naser shahi moridi The Effect of Short-Term L-Citrulline Supplementation on Performance and Fatigue Index of Male Runners M.S 1401/06/30
elham shakoor The Effect of a selected exercise training on body composition and Interferon-Gamma of kidney transplant patients. M.S 1392/06/30
Shahin Sheibani Comparision of 7 and 14 days of detraining on FOXO3a and PGC1a in soleus muscle indices after two HIIT and CT exercises in male spragudawley rats Ph.D 1396/11/02
mohammad sherafati moghadam Influence of eight weeks strenuous sprint exercise on plasma level of vaspin and chemerin in female rats of spragodavloy spices. M.S 1392/06/30
athar shorangiz The Effect of Music with Different Rhythms on the Accuracy of Shooting Performance after the General Exhaustion M.S 1393/12/16
pooya soltani Effect of visual and verbal feedback on indication of physical fatigue and muscle contusion while running on treadmill M.S 1390/07/04
ghasem taheri karami Comparison the Acute effects of consecutive mouth rinsing with different doses of espresso coffee on special performance indicators in elite futsal male players Ph.D 1402/06/28
fatemeh yazdanpour The effect of different exercise intensities on fluctuations of plasma leptin and lipoperoteins in amle rats M.S 1389/11/16
hamid zarafshan The effect of about of plyometric exercise on Hydroxyprolin and Creatine Kinase of young and adult soccer players M.S 1390/07/05
leila zaravar The Effect of eight weeks of water aquatic training with blood flow restriction on bone metabolism in elderly women Ph.D 1400/06/17
ehsan zarei The Effect of Exercise on Spatial Memory in Morphine Dependent Rats M.S 1392/07/09
Hadi zare The effect of short-term consumption of carbohydrate-protein smoothie during recovery on the muscular performance of rugby players M.S
AmirHamzeh Zare Effects of altitude and exercise on respiratory blood indices novice athletes M.S 1392/12/20
Fatemeh Zare The effect of ginseng supplements on Glycosylated hemoglobin and insulin resistance in women with type 2 diabetes following one session of Bulk test M.S 1394/12/15
leila zare moayedi The effect of beetroot juice supplementation on delayed onset muscle soreness response following an exhausting exercise in female volleyball players M.S 1400/12/09
mahboobe zarnevis-zade The effect of land versus aquatic plyometric training on vertical jump, performance and body composition in female volleyball player M.S 1389/07/01
Mostafa Zolfaghari The effect of eight weeks of aerobic exercise with curcumin supplementation on serum levels of inflammatory factors in patients with breast cancer M.S 1401/10/25
ارزو کاظمی the effect of high and low contextual interference in cognitive and physical skills on balance, attention and memory in patients with lymphedema after modified mastectomy M.S 1398/06/30
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